Club Sports Programs

Athletic Clubs & Organizations

·         Sport Clubs and Athletic Organizations have the ability to enhance and enrich their individual programs through the different services GCS provides. We offer professional development workshops for coaches & administrators, parent educational workshops and athlete seminars.

Here are a few of our offerings for Athletic Clubs & Organizations

·         A.C.E. (Academics, Compliance & Eligibility) Program

·         The Road to College Athletics  (for parents & athletes)

·         Reducing Burn-Out in Youth Athletics

·         How to Prep for Show-case Tournaments

·         Preparing Parents & Students for College Visits

·         SAT/ACT Prep Support

·         Anti-Bullying

·         Concussion Prevention & Awareness

·         NCAA “The 3 R’s” (Recruiting, Rules and Regulations)

·         Building a Comprehensive College Resume

·         Nutrition & Hydration 101


·         College Prep for Athletes (S.O.S. for College-Bound Seniors)