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Portable Locker Rooms

A portable locker room from Game Changer Solutions isn’t just a room — it’s a unique structure carefully crafted by our expert team of designers and engineers. Each structure comes pre-wired, with full plumbing capabilities. Additionally, if you are looking to comply with Covid19 safety protocols and want to have complete control over your teams environment without any worry.. This is the only option for you!

Applications of Portable Locker Rooms

Portable locker rooms provide a welcome respite for teams on challenging and remote job sites. Having a secure, well equipped, aesthetically pleasing facility in which to shower and rest raises player morale. Two significant sectors that benefit from portable locker rooms are traveling program or to the external user.


Game Changer Solutions will deliver the portable locker room to your specified site. Features provided are bathroom services for your teams use only. Two TV for coach player communication services. Ability to hold a dozen people at one time. Safety storage access to protect from outside Covid19 issues.

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The flexibility, cost effectiveness, and visual appeal of portable locker rooms make these structures the ideal choice for both temporary and permanent applications. No matter your unique needs, we can construct the ideal solution and deliver it in as little as six weeks. To learn more about our portable locker rooms or to work with us on your next project contact us today.