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Game Changer Hoops is a ground breaking youth basketball and leadership program for 7th and 8th graders.
It has been built by former NCAA coach Chris Bianchi. Please read more below and help support this unique youth opportunity!

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Anyone who played for Coach Bianchi knows his standards for effort, discipline, teamwork and academics are second to none. Many players he picked for his Sutherland teams were not “better basketball players” but coach believed in them and saw something special that others did not.  Some do not know that he left his teaching position in Pittsford to become a college coach and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville from 2003-2007.  His men’s and women’s soccer teams set 54 school records and were both nationally ranked for the first time in a combined 75 years of program history. Academically, he was also the Director of Athlete College Life (an 8 week course which prepared athletes to be successful college students). During his time at UWP, none of his players on either team were ever ineligible and the athletes on campus had a higher combined GPA than the regular student body. He was a member of the Coach’s Advisory Board and Athletic Facilities Planning Committee while at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and was responsible for helping organize a multi-million dollar renovation on the soccer stadium and track.  He also did help out as an assistant basketball coach for one season. Not surprisingly, the women’s team had only their second non-losing season in university history.

Coach moved back to Rochester, got married and started an athletic education company called Red Penguin Athletics. He has been a national speaker and columnist on topics that include: college prep, leadership and NCAA compliance and acted as the Director of Athletics for the largest football program and baseball/softball programs in New York. He currently mentors college & high school coaches and provides professional development workshops for athletic directors and coaches. (He even has trained the Section V Athletic Directors twice as their keynote speaker)

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Several former players have been pushing Coach to get back to basketball. As a result, he has agreed to create a basketball program called Game Changer Hoops.  “GC Hoops” will be part of Game Changer Solutions (a non-for profit 501c3) which has been providing academic and athletic programing since 2013. All donations to this program will be tax deductible! It is designed to start with fifteen 7th and 8th graders. In true Coach Bianchi philosophy, this is not a program for “the best basketball players” as there is much more to the selection process. Coach believes this should be free to the kids participating or at least deeply discounted. It will be the first basketball program of its kind in Rochester. This program is a completely comprehensive system for young athletes.”

GC Hoops will also include a Minority Coaching Mentor Program that will assist up and coming coaches in their desire to coach college or high school varsity basketball. Over the past several years Bianchi has successfully mentored 6 different minority coaches. This includes: club, high school and even college head coaches and assistants. Read a testimonial from Trent Jackson Jr. who is the son of legendary Franklin Coach Trent Jackson Sr. (former Olympian and NFL athlete). After playing for his father in high school and graduating from Franklin in 1997, Trent played basketball at Ohio State. He currently runs an AAU program called “Beast Nation” in Rochester.

"Chris has been an outstanding mentor and he has helped me improve my communication style, time management, and coaching skills both on and off the court."
Trent Jackson Jr.

Here are some of the parts of GC Hoops:

Year Round Mentor – Contact 2x’s per WeekLeadership & Sportsmanship Training
Synaptec Sport Vision TrainingSports Nutritionist on Staff
Sports Psychologist on StaffCollege Prep Support for Athletes & Parents
Strength & Conditioning Coach on StaffCollege Coaches & Motivational Guest Speakers
Team Practice FacilityTeam Building Activities & Events
Coaching Mentor Program for Minority CoachesSocial Media Awareness Workshop

“I will keep paying it forward with what I have learned through the years. Many people are excited about the opportunity to create something that has never been done which will have an incredible impact on the players and their parents. This is something that will help kids learn to push past their comfort zone while learning about other kids that are different from themselves. Creating friendships and bonds of this nature will help create 15 future leaders. I believe that my former Sutherland players will support this vision and help make this program a reality.”   Chris Bianchi

We would like all former players and/or parents to support Coach’s vision for Game Changer Hoops. Game Changer Solutions is a 501c3 which has been providing academic and athletic support programing since 2013. Game Changer Hoops will be part of this programing and all donations will be tax deductible.

Currently we are in the process of raising $108,000 which will cover the first 3 years of the mentoring program, $25,000 for the Synaptec sports vision training equipment/software and $22,500 for three years of the Minority Coaching Mentor Program ($7,500 per year).

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If anyone is interested in talking to Coach about supporting the purchase of their own gym…please reach out directly to him at 585-576-0572 or email him at

A little extra info for fun! As a result of his college coaching experience and years as a national speaker, Coach has a long list of basketball connections. This can be seen by the guests he has been able to get on his son’s YouTube Show called “Three Questions With Zane”.  Here are a list of the guests and a few pictures from the show.

Jim Calhoun – UCONNBuddy Boeheim – SyracuseJamie Valvano – NC State
Joe Kleine – ’84 Team USAFrank Martin – South CarolinaJamie Dixon – TCU/Pittsburgh
Greg Gard – WisconsinBrad Soderberg – VirginiaMichael Wilder – UC-Irvine
Ryan Blackwell – SyracuseRob Lanier – Georgia StateDan Bere – Jacksonville
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